John McAloney MBA, BSCS, MCP

Computers, Servers, Networks, Wireless
for Vero Beach, Sebastian, and the World

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Check out these real world, hands-on ways I have helped customers find the best mix of convenient and secure wired and wireless networking. For a free, no obligation, on-site assessment of how newer, more secure, and more powerful networking options can bring the convenience of wireless networking to your business and still protect your business from unwanted e-intruders, call John at 772-913-5433.

Brandt's Appliance Service: Design and install 5G wireless bridge to connect two buildings across major highway, in an area of high density 2.4G wireless activity. Transition to PPTP and IPSEC-capable router to support remote access.
First United Methodist Church of Brevard (North Carolina): Transition, during major facility remodeling, from fully wired networking in masonry construction to mix of wired and wireless networking with 2 virtual lans for compartmented guest access to internet. Wireless accommodated wireless HVAC control and monitoring system.
Brevard Community Church: Maintain wired and wireless networking for three buildings, Design and install virtual networks and supporting access points to provide compartmented guest internet access
Pisgah Pest Control: Design and install a 2.4G secure wireless between two buildings to reduce internet connection costs. Transition from consumer-type router/firewall to Linksys/Cisco router/firewall to gain vpn and pptp capability.
TCM Sharing House: Transition from consumer-grade router to Cisco router supporting VLAN's, site-to-site VPN's.
Transylvania Vocational Services: Setup compartmented wifi to separate guest users from business network.
Waycaster Tire Service: Setup compartmented wireless connectivity for shop users' internet access and separate guest wireless access.
Western Carolina Tool & Mold: Transition from consumer-type router/firewall to Linksys/Cisco router/firewall to gain vpn and pptp capability. Setup guest wireless to accommodate guests' and employees' wireless needs. Design and install network-to serial interface for downloading cnc files to Hurco and Mitsubishi cnc machines (supported long-run jobs on machines with very little memory).

Network routers are the backbone of the internet, they translate among different networks or different numbering schemes. Routers do magic. Network hubs-all connections see all traffic-not used much because of security. Network switches-only the intended destination address can see its data.
For basic networking, I recommend Netgear ProSafe switches, and if VOIP or high quality audio or video streaming is involved, I recommend managed Netgear ProSafe switches. For home wireless networks, most any wireless router will do fine, but for business, the Engenius line has been very good to me, and they are reasonably priced. I always try to find the most cost effective and secure way to provide the networking you need. It may be a $50 wireless router, and it may be one $100 access point for a busy business, or many $100 WDS-capable access points, to provide wireless access for many conference attendees.