John McAloney MBA, BSCS, MCP

Computers, Servers, Networks, Wireless
for Vero Beach, Sebastian, and the World

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John McAloney

SUMMARY:More than twenty years experience as System Administrator and Network Administrator. Over 25 years in microcomputer and minicomputer business and manufacturing and engineering applications.


Mnemonics Inc., Melbourne, FL.

October 1987 to June 2004.

Systems Administrator, VMS System Manager, DELTEK Financial and Material Management System Administrator, Recital Database Developer, Network Administrator

Plan, direct, and manage (with staff of two) Windows 2000/NT-centric LAN, including Exchange, with approximately 150 W95, XP/W2K/NT Workstation, UNIX, and Macintosh users. Specialized in high system availability and rapid response time to user needs. System and Web Administrator for www and ftp sites on IIS. Configured Linux installations and Linux-based POP server. Administrator for (free) NT-based Microsoft Mail Postoffice. WAN administrator for ISDN internet connection-transitioned to T1 connection. Analyzed telecommunications requirements and developed recommendations for conversion from AT&T System 75 to a T1 VOIP connection. System Administrator for Digital MicroVax with DELTEK application, Recital Data Base Manager, and Pathworks networking fully integrated with the LAN. Designed and developed extensive custom programs for Business Management, Quality Control, Purchasing, and Accounting using the Recital data base manager to access COBOL data files. Conceived, designed, and developed FOXPRO, VisualBasic, SQL, ASP and Javascript web applications. COMSEC Custodian.

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE in order of relevance

Self-employed, Management Systems Consultant

Computer Systems Developer and Integrator

Developed end-to-end application for broadline distributor. Beginning with Order Entry/Customer Entry and ending with printing delivery packing slips and invoices. Assisted teaching senior-level data base software development systems course at UCF. Configured, installed, and supported single and multi-user business systems on PC, AT, and IBM Model 30 hardware, with commercial medical business system software. Developed Project Control Plan for London Stock Exchange software development team, on site.

Sr. Member Technical Staff

Computer Sciences Corporation, Falls Church, Va.

Product Assurance Manager, Technical Services Consultant, Proposal Manager

Product Assurance Manager for 50-person international information system development team. Supervised two professionals. Developed and implemented structured walkthrough and peer review policies and procedures, conducted design and code reviews, and monitored CONUS and overseas project functions. On-site program management systems support for DOE and classified Navy projects, providing cost and benefits analysis, RFP development and proposal evaluation, and contractor performance monitoring. Navy projects typically comprised major software system development and documentation activities. Developed Ada Programming Support Environment architecture to integrate tools for software coding, configuration management, and subsystem and system builds. Conducted seminar at George Washington University on cost, schedule, and technical control of software development and maintenance. Microcomputer focal point for 400-person group to begin transition away from main-frame computing.